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We put our technological expertise at your service. We offer software solutions perfectly tailored to your needs. Our solutions are efficient, professional, innovative, and in constant evolution. Together, let’s build the technological solutions you need.


A collaborative email management solution combining artificial intelligence and semantic analysis to empower you to optimize email management within your business.

Collaborative email management

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Do you wish to offer different types of information in a structured manner to offer clear and professional product and service sheets? We suggest adapting and integrating your content within WEB-FULL. It will make your website more powerful, enabling you to manage different types of content.

Entire website

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Do you want to manage your pages, content and products yourself? Enjoy a website that is easy to use and managed by yourself, independently. Market your product catalog and present your services all-in-one thanks to the WEB-READY solution.

The Web made simple and easy

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Create convincing graphics, create a demand through visual arts! Graphical arts have always enabled emotional release. Graphics are a necessary tool to convey your message and the added value of your products or services. Choose the graphic design that pleases you the most.


Logos are visual symbols that identify companies uniquely and in a straightforward manner. Your logo reflects the image of your company and is one of the first ways you communicate with people. Its design must therefore be well thought-out.

Satisfaction through visual arts

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You have a website in order to promote your activities. Your website’s appearance should not be taken lightly: its role is to help convey information and reinforce your message. Good textual content is not enough to catch the interest of internet users. Your website needs to be easy to navigate, clear, and designed in the modern style.

Convey your identity through a template

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Visual ID

our visual identify is made up of all the ways you visually communicate with people. To effectively convey information about your company, your visual ID must be consistent; consistency is at the core of any communication strategy. It includes your logo, your business cards, your letterheads, your flyers, your website

Your visual identity

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Your have selected a communication medium (flyers, press kits, business cards, billboards, packaging, company vehicles, etc.). To identify the most critical characteristics of that medium, the choice of medium, your particular needs and your target customers must be taken into account. From those constraints, opportunities arise. Each medium is unique. Therefore, it is important to find the best way to use them optimally and to logically integrate them in your communication strategy.

Unique identities on all platforms

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Listening attentively

Listening is the first step toward carrying out a project. Paying close attention to the customer’s needs and understanding the way he manages his work are equally important.

Computer development is the perfect translation of what we do manually. However, it enables us to do it better and faster. It is therefore mandatory and very important for us to gather as much information as possible from the customer and to discuss with him. This understanding gives us a basic idea of the project ahead. 

Understanding the context

At Intelligent Solutions, we pay close attention to the way the user currently works. This analysis enables us to think about improvements and management extensions to create. That way, we can understand better the way you usually work and after our analysis, we can suggest new functionalities. We believe that technology should improve your business and facilitate its development. This will empower you to improve your productivity, to gain better control, to save time and most of all, it will make your work easier.

Schematizing your needs

You will be fully satisfied when we find a solution that meets all of your needs. To get there, we will do everything we can to truly understand and divide your work to define all the tasks to be developed while staying focus on your needs. That is how we guarantee a technological solution that truly works for your company. 

Understandable analysis

People have specific skills that enable them to execute their tasks well. That is the reason why our analyses are easy to understand for everyone to avoid that only “geeks” grasp the meaning of technical terms. Our project manager clearly explains the different tasks to be executed to you, as well as all the data processed by each module. We also create a list of the functional, legal and technical constraints.

Our graphical department identifies the interfaces to be created. These will take your requests into account while emphasizing user friendliness, professionalism and ease of use.

Specifications that are clear to everyone involved avoid misunderstandings and grey areas. Together, we build the solutions you really need.

Technological expertise

It is crucial to choose the right technology to carry out a project.

We meet a lot of IT service providers who select technologies using the following questions:

“Should I select my favorite technology?”

“Should I select some other technology because I already have some material for it that I can use?”

“Should I select this technology because it is the only I am comfortable with?”

The problem is that selecting technologies that way does not guarantee meeting your needs, but only the provider’s. In the past, we have encountered such a situation when customers would call Intelligent Solutions to solve problems.

These customers seemed to be in a situation where “the provider stopped the work and did not want to go forward with the project.”

Intelligent Solutions finds technological solutions that work well in your environment and guarantees that they will evolve over time. Often, we come across customers that invested large amounts of money and that need to develop everything anew because their former service provider made bad technological choices.

With Intelligent Solutions, rest assured to be provided with the most appropriate and lasting technological solution for your business and your needs.

Full satisfaction

When we develop a computer solution, we seek to offer our customer a technology that is easy to use, powerful and in constant evolution. At Intelligent Solutions, we believe that technology is crucial to an evolving company and we do our best to provide a technological solution that satisfies all of your requirements. We adapt modules to your needs and we do everything in our power to make you fully satisfied with the project.

How many computer solutions were developed but never implemented?

How many computer solutions were developed, implemented and then discarded to turn back to an older solution?

Unfortunately, way too many. That is why you should choose Intelligent Solutions from the start. An outstanding IT service provider will enable you to avoid a lot of bad surprises.

A solution in constant evolution

Over time, companies evolve and new products and services are offered. Some tasks are modified and adapted to the changing context. Your software or website must also adapt to those changes.

Intelligent Solutions always offers solutions that can evolve over time; solutions that will adapt over the long term. We provide long-lasting, effective, professional and evolving computer solutions.

We notice more and more software companies that do not update the solutions they sell to their customers because the costs would be prohibitive or because they made bad technological choices.

That is why putting your projects in the hands of a professional and competent team results in saving both time and money thanks to higher-quality services.

High-quality customer service

If you chose a solution or a professional IT service, it should come with quality customer service. Our philosophy is to respond to all your requests quickly and provide precise, clear and quick answers. In addition to providing a user manual with our solutions, we are available to help and assist you; just call or email us. You gave us your trust and we are very thankful for that. It is only natural that we offer the high-quality customer service that you deserve. At Intelligent Solutions, every customer is important and deserves all the efforts we make to keep him fully satisfied.  


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