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Born in the computer science department of Cinq/Cinq Telecom, Intelligent Solutions developed Easy2bill, a billing software used by all Telecom services such as Ligne fixe, Voip, Adsl, Mobile, etc. It enables the customer to manage and bill around 10 different services that are used by thousands of customers that each generate hundreds of calls. In the last fifteen years, that represented more than one million files to process each month in our database. That is why you can trust us to manage and develop your e-commerce business. We can also create a customized billing software for you. For us, that is very easy compared to the complexity of creating such a billing application for Telecom.

Strengthened by our experience, we offer that solution to other partners specializing in telephone services. However, we did not stop at that. Following a request from a translation company. We also created a software that acts both as CRM and as a billing software. (See our page on CRM).



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