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Websites have evolved and now provide more and more complete and enriched content to clearly show and explain the advantages and added value of the presented products. Given companies’ need to present their products and services more precisely, the open-source solution DRUPAL is ideal. This solution allows you to manage all types of content on a website. An increasing number of companies wish to present their products and services in detail. A simple CMS (Content Management System) can display all the content but gives little control over their characteristics and the way they are displayed. With a website managed with DRUPAL, you can put its possibilities to use to increase the value of your company through a great website.


What is special about WEB-FULL?

WEB-FULL is based on the open-source contents management solution DRUPAL. However, DRUPAL is much more than that. It is often presented as an open-source CMF (Contents Management Framework) solution, which means that it is a software that eases the use of customized and re-usable components. Website building with DRUPAL enables you to define nodes to represent the desired content. With nodes, you can manage and display exactly what you want the way you want. A defined type is identified by a name; for example: books, cars, clothes… Then, the fields that make up the node are defined. For example, for a book, the attributes would be the author, the publisher, the number of pages, the category, the price, etc. Using this approach, you can manage any type of content.

Moreover, DRUPAL is extremely powerful and empowers you to manage websites with a very large volume of content of different types. You can also manage and optimize the website’s response time when there is a lot of traffic, so that the pages always appear instantly.

Intelligent Solutions puts the power of the open-source project DRUPAL at your fingertips so that you have maximum flexibility to present your products or services beautifully thanks to our solution WEB-FULL. 



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