With our expertise in software development, we have acquired an expertise in schematizing companies’ software needs. Our listening and analytical skills empower us to define all the required conceptual data and management models as well as all the functional, technical and legal constraints. Then, we adapt and customize DRUPAL to fully and precisely meet all of your needs. There are many ways to use WEB-FULL depending on your needs. In order to assist you, Intelligent Solutions offers the following services:

Basic customization

This includes adaptation of the display and visual components only. In other words, it means that we create a visual model and perform the required modifications to implement it into your website.

Module customization

This includes configuration and parameterization of the modules available within your website. For example, the generation of specific forms.

Module development

Intelligent Solutions creates a module (additional component) so that WEB-FULL perfectly meets your needs and the specifications established for your website.

A customized web solution and a guarantee that you will be completely satisfied, that is Intelligent Solutions’ mission.  We have been working with DRUPAL for many years and we guarantee that our WEB-FULL solution will fully meet your website expectations. 

For which type of website is WEB-FULL appropriate?

WEB-FULL is better than WEB-READY for websites with a large number of products or demanding product management and where product sheets and their attributes are very important. Moreover, the need to interconnect multiple pieces of content can be taken into account. With WEB-FULL’s node approach and the possibility to manage different types of content, you can arrange content on a product page and on the list of pages related to a product. You can also link multimedia content such as pictures and videos.

Let’s look at the example of a drug store wishing to present its products online.

We suggest the following content:

General drug information

General laboratory information

Scientific information

Articles about the drug

Videos and pictures concerning the drug

Display the reimbursement schedule of the drug

With WEB-FULL, you can link different types of content to obtain complete and information-rich product sheets.

WEB-FULL can also be used to develop internal company solutions. Thus, you have a solution that improves your productivity or your access to information thanks to centralized data and knowledge. 


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